Bereavement Support

What is Grief?
Grief is a natural healing process, not an illness. The death of someone we love can be one of the most devastating, painful and complex loss we are ever likely to experience. Grief comes to us all. After someone dies, we experience feelings and emotions such as shock, numbness, disbelief, anger, guilt, physical and emotional pain, sleep deprivation and erratic thought processes– to name just a few.  We often wonder why God allows such sadness and pain in the world. Why us? Why now?

Eventually we reach a point where we realise that life carries on and we must start a new beginning. For some, this process takes longer than others.

Where will support come from?

  • Initial contact with a newly bereaved family may be made by the Minister and Church Elders, or family friends and colleagues. 
  • The Bereavement Support Worker within Smithton Church can be asked to contact families recently bereaved who have links with the congregation and within the local community. Discussion will take place if ongoing pastoral support is wanted or required. Support is not limited to members of the church. Offers of support can be given to members of the wider community. 
  • Ongoing 1-to-1 support if required. 
  • Discussions will be strictly confidential.

Bereavement Support Group
Fortnightly sessions commence Saturday 14th April 2018, 10am-12noon

It is hoped that a small group will meet to share their thoughts and feelings about their journey through grief. The meetings will be structured using the ‘Griefshare’ ™ 13 week programme, consisting of video, personal reflection & workbook sessions. Each session provides time to share experiences and concerns with others who may be struggling with similar issues and will include positive steps to take as you move forward.
A small support team of Christians will help by providing encouragement from God’s word, friendship, a listening ear, and a cup of tea.

If you would like more information or would like to attend the Support Group, please contact Marion McInnes - email: