Chuffed V2

Dead chuffed

- Age Range - S1-S6 (11-18 years old)
- Time - 19:00 - unless otherwise stated
- Frequency - Every second Thursday - unless otherwise stated (check the church calendar here)
- Location - Smithton Church - unless otherwise stated

Dead Chuffed is our social for young guys aged between 11-18yrs. Every two weeks we have planned a variety of activities open to boys in S1-S6 (11-18 years old) to come along and enjoy with others in your age group.

As of 21st April 2016, we will meet every second Thursday, 19:00 at Smithton Church - but we may occasionally meet on Saturdays to fit with a planned activity. Activities will include guitar hero, Fifa nights, dodgeball frenzies, go-karting, film and food nights, football and much more.

Dead Chuffed will take place during the school term, and ad hoc events will run in the school holidays.

For more information, you can contact Alan Skea.