Mission - global

We believe in Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples of all nations”. This call compels us to share the person of Jesus and his sacrifice with not just the people we meet in our day to day lives, but with people all around the world. We do this by supporting Christian ministries throughout the world who are actively doing that work. Some of these include:

Marsali Campbell (AIM) Dwelling Places Kampala, Uganda

In 2001 Marsali Campbell moved to Uganda with Africa Inland Mission to join a Ugandan Christian team working with street children in Kampala called Dwelling Places.

The work of this team is divided into three main aspects:

Developing relationships with full-time street children.
Operating a transitional rehabilitation home with 108 resident children. This building houses their offices, Marsali’s clinic and an interim school. This is where social workers counsel the children and try to trace their families, and other staff help to run the day to day timetable of the home.
Running a family empowerment programme, which involves 30 families in Katwe, a large urban slum area in Kampala. These families are mainly women with children who spend their days on the streets but have somewhere to sleep at night (part-time street families). This work consists of Bible teaching and discipleship training, counselling, life-skills training, adult literacy work, craft skills training, social welfare assessment and health care.

Marsali is the only health worker in a team of 30 members. A big part of Marsali’s contribution to the work of Dwelling Places is the health care programme that she has established during her time working in Kampala. This programme provides education in basic hygiene and improving diets. For many of the children that Marsali works with they have had to steal or scavenge for food in the past and are not used to sitting down to eat with others without the fear of their food being snatched from them.

As a trained nurse, Marsali is able to deal with minor complaints, and attends to common health problems like malaria, respiratory infections, skins complaints and stomach pains. She has established a good relationship with the local hospital for times when illness is more serious. Some children in the home experience seizures or have HIV, TB or sight and hearing problems, and many of the people that Marsali works with have suffered years of emotional and physical abuse. Those who have known such abuse often abuse others and Marsali admits that some of the women on the streets of Katwe are very difficult to love. Yet she believes that love is the only answer.

How to support Marsali & Dwelling Places


If you would like to support the work of Dwelling Places financially, please contact Deborah Kong at Africa Inland Mission, telephone +44(0)1159838120

Please allocate your gift in one of more of the following ways:

“For Marsali Campbell” – living costs
“For the work of Marsali Campbell” – the health work both in the home and in the slum area
“Children in Crisis: Dwelling Places, Uganda” – general needs at the home and in the slum area


Please continue to pray for us, to be led and guided by God, that we seek His face and His kingdom in all that we do, that He will strengthen and encourage us, provide grace, hope and love to share with out children. – Marsali

Argyris Petrou, Athens Greece

Dr. Argyris Petrou is a professor at the Greek Bible College and commissioner of AMG International. Besides lecturing and mentoring Bible students at the college, Argyris also does itinerary preaching to churches with no pastors, writing of exegetical books, leading the evangelical alliance, radio programming and student ministry (IFES). His wife Dina ministers to the Athens red light district prostitues with New Life Ministry. They have three sons: Mark, a student of Physics in the University of Athens, Erik, a student of animation in Toronto, and Erastos, a high schoolol student.

In 2005, a team from Smithton Church travelled to Athens to spend ten days helping three Greek evangelical churches with children’s outreach work.

We continue to take a keen interest in Argyris’s activities and as a church we support him prayerfully and financially.


Alan & Pat Davey (UFM) are involved in evangelism, church and student ministry in Bordeaux, France.

You can find out more about thier work on their website, here.

Emmaus Road Trust, Publishing mainly Eastern Europe

Along with a few others, Dr. Colin MacPherson founded the Emmaus Road Trust in 1997 to provide biblical resource materials in Albania. That work has now spread to Greece, Lithuania, Mongolia, Kosovo, India and Central Asia. ERT helps publish books which equip preachers and teachers in these countries to teach others.


Tearfund works with the world’s poor. They are committed to defeating disease, improving basic services, resolving economic injustice, restoring the environment, and tackling disaster.Tearfund also “[works] through local churches and Christian groups here in the UK, encouraging them to respond to Jesus’ call to look after the poorest and most vulnerable. Tearfund is in partnership with UK charity Liveablility to form the Community Mission Partnership, helping churches and Christians to learn about the causes of, and solutions to poverty and injustice.”

Several members of our congregation are involved with Tearfund at local, national and international levels.

OMF International

OMF operate throughout South East Asia where they share the gospel across multiple countries with the billions of people who live in South East Asia.

First founded as the China Inland Mission on 1865 when Hudson Taylor sailed from the UK to China they became OMF International in the late 50’s after their workers were required to leave China. To find out more about OMF and their Gospel work in Asia, you can visit their website here.