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community groups

Community Groups meet in the homes of members of the church across the city, usually twice a month during school term time and new members are always welcome.

In addition to a time of studying the Bible and praying together, Community Groups are also a great place to meet new people from the church. You won't be asked to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with, but you will find them more interactive than church on a Sunday.

There are currently 10 Community Groups in Smithton,  which are roughly based on school catchment areas for where people live. Each person in the church has a designated Community Group, which is usually their closest group, but we would encourage you to join a group where you can participate most.


The groups are:

- Balloch                                                    Ian MacGillivray
- Cradlehall                                              Scott Lauder
- Westhill                                                  Charlie Anderson
- Woodside                                              James MacArthur
    (Incl Smithton/Culloden)
- Inshes                                                       Bill MacLelland
    (Incl Drakies)
- Kingsmills                                               Neil Angus
- Inverness South                                 Willie Forbes
    (Milton of Leys/Strathnairn)
- Holm                                                         Angus Macleod/Alastair Wilson
- Scorguie                                                 David Sutherland
- Black Isle                                                Donnie Maclean
- Towerhill
- Culloden

You can find out more about the local groups, by sending an e-mail to any of the leaders above.

Community Group Questions for Wednesday 22 August 2018 can be accessed by clicking here.

For for more information on the Community Groups you can send an e-mail to Ian MacGillivray, the elder in charge of leading up the Community Group programme.